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Photos by Otto Bost
Dave Van Ronk Street, NYC

Hello Friends -
On Wednesday, June 30, the street in Greenwich Village where Dave Van Ronk lived was officially re-named "Dave Van Ronk Street."

Music was provided by the Red Onion Jazz Band (with whom Van Ronk had recorded some 40 years ago), and a representative of the New York City Council was on hand to present an official proclamation.

Tom Paxton unveiled the new street sign before a crowd that included Peter Yarrow, Frank Christian, Oscar Brand, Gene Shay, David Massengill, Jack Hardy, Odetta, and many other friends of the late "Mayor of MacDougal Street."

I attended the event with camera in hand, and I've just posted a gallery
of photos from the occasion at:

Otto Bost, producer & host of



Absent Friends
Dave Von Ronk (seated right) , the late "Mayor of Macdougal Street." guitarist, raconteur, friend to young folkies in Greenwich Village, with Dr. Kenny Goldstein, late chair of the department of folklore and folklife at the University of Pennsylvania and producer of Dave's early Folkways Albums, chatting backstage at the Philadelphia Folk Festival in 1977. Dave died February 10, 2002. May 18th, 2003 was pronounced Dave Van Ronk Day in New York City with two tribute shows at The Bottom Line.
(Photo by Jamie Downs)


photo provided by Andrew Calhoun

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