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Roots & Wings
WESS, 90.3 FM
ESU Radio
Nov.27, 2000

Hey, guess what? WESS is now broadcasting online! Wow. Well, I've been waiting since 1978 -- by one count -- 1982 -- by another -- so for me it's a big deal. Anyway, we're at, until the end of the week, by which time they should have a direct link to our website, But today was the first day I could fantasize I was broadcasting to West Australia. Hi, Perth!

Dave Van Ronk The Pearls SUNDAY STREET Philo
Suzanne McDermott The Holly & the Ivy OUT UNDER THE SKY Rosema  
Gumbo Junkyard Christmas is Every Day A HOLIDAY FEAST, VOL. 5 Hungry
Jim Craig et al On This Day... ...EARTH SHALL RING Flying Fish
Peter Alsop When Jesus Was a Kid/ The Night Before Hanukkah CHRIS MOOSE HOLIDAYS MSchool
Artisan Dancing With Words DANCING WITH WORDS Boing
Alec Stone Sweet Bells MEMORIES & PRAISE Appleseed
Maddy Prior Red & Green YEAR Park
Stephen DiLauro Boogerberry Man,Twitchy Boy & the Twitchy Sticks RIVER TALES RiverTales
Colcannon Last Letter Home   CORVUS Oxford Rd
Josephine Marsh Matthew's Waltz   JOSEPHINE MARSH Tara
Ceolbeg Galician Set HEART OF SCOTLAND   MClub
Kornog For a New Baby   KORONG GL
Glackin/Keenan Roisin Dubh   DOUBLIN'   Tara
Susane Sciavone Tres Muneiras SUSANE SCIAVONE GL  
Dan Hart Big Rig   APOCALYPSE NOW & THEN  StoneBoat  
Jive 5 -2 Singing in the Bathtub DEM BONES JF
Andy & Denise   Go/Freedom LIVE AT EDDY"S ATTIC A&D;  
Geoff Muldaur At the Christmas Ball PASSWORD Hightone
Claudia Russell I Second That Emotion SONG FOOD Radio Rhythm
  Larry Murante 4WD   WATER'S EDGE Weeping Wood
Cosy Sheridan Bikini on a Billboard ANTHYMN  Wind River
Greg Brown Blues Go Walking   COVENANT   Red House
Faith Petric When Did We... ...HAVE SAUERKRAUT? Centre
John Palmes Ballad of Ramblin' Jack Pachelbel BORN TO BE A BUTTERFLY JP
Rosalie Sorrels Magic Penny/Visitation NO CLOSING CHORD Red House
Peggy Seeger Sweet Heroin ALMOST COMMERCIALLY VIABLE Sliced Bread
Deke Dickerson Hot Rodder's Lament RHYTHM, RHYME & TRUTH Hightone
LaMay/Reese Maryville MARYVILLE Woof!
Charles Parente Row a Little Boat CLEAR ACROSS THE WATER PC
John Gorka Vinnie Charles is Free TEMPORARY ROAD High St
Mary Gauthier Jackie's Train DRAG QUEENS.... In the Black
JP Jones Atlantis Revisited ANGELS ON THE ROAD Vision
Grillbillies The Stone/Cold Sheets of Rain/ Leaving Medley GRILLBILLIES ALBUM BAND, II GB
Guy Clark LA Freeway KEEPERS Sugar Hill
Carter/Grammer Elvis Presley WHEN I GO DC
Odell Thompson Georgia Buck N CAROLINA BANJO COLLECTION Rounder
Tim/Mollie O'Brien: Orphan Girl AWAY OUT ON THE MTN Sugar Hill
Kathy Johnson Way Out West WAY OUT WEST Singing Bridge
Steve Earle Rivers of Babylon TRAIN A'COMIN' Winter Harvest
Doc Watson June Apple FOUNDATION Sugar Hill
Bill/Libby Hicks Big Road Blues SOUTH OF NOWHERE Libbil
Kate Campbell South of Everything SONGS FROM THE LEVEE Compass
Northern Lights Living in the City LIVING IN THE CITY Red House
Psychograss Ride the Wild Brains LIKE MINDS Sugar Hill
Salamander Crossing: Dona Nobis Pacem HENRY STREET SigSounds
Jim & Jesse The White Dove MUSIC AMONG FRIENDS Rounder
Alan Bibey Sure Fire IN THE BLUE ROOM Sugar Hill
Al Grierson 'Til the Circle is Complete THINGS THAT NEVER ADDED UP TO ME Folkin' Eh