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After weGot started on that MERFA pile -- there's some fine music in there....

Dave Van Ronk The Pearls SUNDAY STREET Philo
Stephen DiLauro Blue Deer BLUE DEER RiverTales  
Maddy Prior Rigs of the Time RAVENCHILD Park
Jez Lowe Old Bones/Kid Canute... LIVE AT THE DAVEY LAMP Tantobie  
Gjallarhorn Tova och Konagen SJFORN North Side
Mike Craver Lord Gregory.... WAGONER'S LAD Sapsucker
John McCusker The Shetland Molecule.... THE YELLA HOOSE Temple
Phil Callery Annan Waters FROM THE EDGE OF MEMORY Tara
Seamus McAlloon Alexandria's Hornpipe IRISH TRAD. MUSIC Temple
Beginish   I Courted a Wee Lass BEGINISH Tara
Out of the Rain Blind Mary....   WITH THE FRIENDS I LOVE BEST OOTR
Dougie MacLean Stepping Stones RIOF   Dunkeld
Peggy Seeger Wonderful World   AN ODD COLLECTION Rounder
John Prine Paradise   GERMAN AFTERNOONS  Oh Boy
Rosalie Sorrels The Aragon Mill THE LONG MEMORY Red House 
Steve Brooks The Best Little Death House in Texas SEX, LIES & VIDEOTAPES  Frog  
Mann & Margolin Hobo's Lullaby MILES TO GO BEFORE WE SLEEP Running Scared
Alien Folklife  Sullivan Ballou.... DOUBLE VISION Dinosaur  
Van Dusen/Novick: New Orleans Farewell LOVELY SUNDAY AFTERNOONS Daring
Ritter/Pettito More Time IN THE SILENCE Hudson Valley
  Josh Ritter Me & Jiggs  GOLDEN AGE OF RADIO Hungry Ear
Hot Soup eBay-O eBAYo Souper  
Eliza Gilkyson Coast   HAD TIME IN BABYLON  Red House
Dave Nachmanoff A Certain Distance A CERTAIN DISTANCE Troubador
Julie Hoest Hot Time in the Old Time Tonight WHERE I"M STANDING Resounding
Roy Book Binder Candy Man THE RADIO SHOW Pegleg
Annie Wenz Dance Under the Moon TIME IS MAGIC Gypsy Moon Rising
JP Jones What Took You So Long ASHES Vision
Psych-A-Billy Let the Good Times Roll Pantalones En Fuego! Miracle
Austin Lounge Lizards The Illusion Travels By Stock Car NEVER AN ADULT MOMENT Sugar Hill
Merlin Snider All These Novembers BETWEEN Barking Dog
Sons of the Never Wrong No 1-4 Me ONE IF BY HAND Gadfly  
Claudia Schmidt Somebody Else's Restaurant WINGS OF WONDER Red House
Chuck Brodsky Take it Out Back LAST OF THE OLD TIME Red House
Laura Love In Seattle FOURTEEN DAYS Zoe
Eric Lewis It Ain't Heaven LIVE IN FISH CREEK Betsy
Utah Phillips Loafer's Glory.... LOAFER'S GLORY Red House
Carl Baron There's No Place Like Home BANJO STUFF CB
The Barefoot Boys Liberty/St Anne's Reel WITH BOOTS ON BB
Stanley Brothers Are You Waiting Just For Me?: LITTLE MAGGIE RichRTone
Lynwood Lunsford A Portrait.... ...OF THE BLUES Hay Holler
Barbara Lamb Blue Night BLUE ON DAKOTA LoCoffee
Fred's Mobile Homes St Anne's Reel.... HOMES SWEET HOMES FMH
Druckenmillers I Still Miss Someone HARVEST TIME Little Cat
Beth Mead Cheek to Cheek BIG BANDJO BMead
Northern Lights Kinfolks in Carolina THREE NIGHTS IN AUGUST LIVE PRIMECD
Sam Bush Big Mon ICE CAPS Sugar Hill
Dixie Chicks Walk Softly BIG ON Skaggs
John Duffy Rose of Old Kentucky ALWAYS IN STYLE Sugar Hill
Lost Ramblers Don't You Call My Name ARE WE THERE YET? Lost Ramblers
Juggernaut Divide the Ring SQUARE DANCE FAVORITES Nesak