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Stephen DiLauro's Tales of the Delaware River
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Stephen DiLauro launched the River Tales project in 1995 with a broadcast on WBAI FM in Manhattan. River Tales allowed DiLauro to bring together in one project skills learned during an intensely creative life and combine them with his love for rivers, radio, and all things folk. Previously, DiLauro enjoyed success and acclaim as a playwright, poet, essayist and journalist. His first play was produced when he was 21 years old. Productions of his work have appeared on stages Off- and Off off Broadway in New York City, regionally in the U.S., in Europe, and on the A&E; television network. From 1979-1987, his poems were frequently featured in The New York Times. He has had hundreds of articles, short stories, and essays published. Currently, he often writes about poetry for the Philadelphia Inquirer Books section on Sundays, and Op Ed essays on politics and the environment for newspapers across the country. He also works as a screenwriter on occasion. He lives with his wife and executive producer, Sara Rose Jackson, and daughter Isabella, and a standard poodle and a Welsh terrier, on the outskirts of the village of Delaware Water Gap, PA.